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Spring Has Sprung - It's Time to Open Your Pool!

Spring has Sprung - It's Time to Open the Pool!

Warm weather is upon us - or at least headed our way. This means after a lengthy winter it is time to open the pool and get ready for hours of fun and enjoyment this summer.

Some people choose to open their pool themselves while others will
hire a local APSP professionally trained and certified pool dealer to handle their seasonal opening. Regardless of your choice, here is a brief "HOW TO" on Cover Removal and some advice to help get you started.

Step 1: Cover Removal
For mesh covers, the snow should have melted and the water transferred from the surface of the cover into the pool. Remove any excess debris on the cover so nothing unintended is transferred into the pool.

For solid covers, remove any debris and/or standing water before taking the cover off, we suggest a "Little Giant" sump pump to assist you in removing any standing water - this will make the task a lot easier. Note: Solid Covers with a drain panel should not necessarily need a pump. Make sure that you don't place the pump near a tear or any holes in the cover; as you could end up draining water from underneath the cover and out of your pool.

Step 2: Take the cover from one end of the pool and continually fold it in half. Keep doing this until the cover can be easily removed from the pool.

Step 3: Checking for Cover Damage - Do you need a Cover Doctor?

Your GLI Safety Cover has been built with the highest quality materials & craftsmanship. Be that as it may, over this past winter many areas saw extreme winter weather condition. Excessive snow and ice loads caused by these conditions could have exceeded the safety covers recommended stress limit. Proper installation, padding and water level maintenance are crucial to preventing cover damage. Non-warranty damage can easily be repaired thanks to GLI's Cover
Doctors' program!

The experts at GLI's Cover Doctors program will carefully evaluate your cover for any manufacture defects, which the warranty does cover (see warranty card for full details). Acts of nature, perimeter wear, and accidents that cause damage to the cover, fabric, straps, tie downs and springs are not covered by the warranty. This policy is standard throughout the pool industry, as certain elements are beyond manufacturer control.

GLI's Cover Doctors program is available throughout the season with no inconvenient deadlines. If there is damage to your cover, a dealer can assist you in arranging assistance through GLI's Cover Doctors program. This program provides everything from a shipping box to free repair estimates. The solution is as easy as 1 -2-3 so don't hesitate to discuss with your dealer.

CLICK HERE to Learn More!

Step 4: Storing your Cover

After your cover is removed, it should be cleaned using a proper cleaner. Then laid out to dry and once again inspected for damage. (GLI suggests -

Fold the cover into fan folds, similar to accordion folds, until it is one long rectangle. Then begin to fold from either side until a size that will fit into your provided storage bag is achieved. Place the cover in a dry storage and out the elements; away from rodents and other outdoor pests. You may want to consider adding a "mouse away" product near your cover.

The Cover Doctor
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