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The Ultimate Summer Makeover
So it’s been a few years since you’ve replaced your Inground liner – wait who are you kidding you’ve never replaced the liner -  you’ve opened your pool and discover the liner is damaged.  Did you know that GLI makes pool liners too?  Not only do we make them, we have the strongest most innovative, offering in the industry.

Let’s focus on how changing your vinyl liner can create an entirely different swimming pool for your family to enjoy.  While most of us can agree we have fond memories from the 90s, not much can be said for styles that emerged throughout the decade.  Of course, the standard “blue” liner was a hit in the 80’s, harkening back to Henry Ford’s statement, “You can have any color you want in my cars, as long as it is black”.  

Thankfully, styles change, technology advances and choices in vinyl liner patterns today showcase an individual or family’s style and taste.  GLI Pool Products has been studying the changing desires of the homeowner, consulting with landscape architects, graphic designers and pool owners to create the most comprehensive selection of vinyl liners the market has ever seen.  One will be hard pressed to find that 90s era, fluorescent, Egyptian styled liner that was silently hated, but purchased regardless, as that was “all the dealer had”.  

GLI Pool Products was the first to take on the challenge of re-inventing the vinyl liner as a way to change the appearance of your pool, similar to how wall paper can effectively transform a room into a brand new living area, comforting and beautiful.  Trendy and mysterious.  Functional.   A new way to change the ambience of your backyard.   

Recently, using the market research we have collected, GLI introduced the Designer™ Series Inground vinyl liners.  These liners were the first of their kind.  A team of lithographic designers and industry professionals spent countless hours poring over the natural stone textures of granite, marble, travertine and slate to create a high-end series which duplicated what you might find in custom concrete pools.  We observed how the simplest alteration to blue, tan and gray hues could enhance the color of the water and understand the importance of a seamless, natural transition from the pool to the deck surrounding it.  

Our efforts have paid off and we have succeeded in creating the latest trend in swimming pool liners, that has rapidly become an industry standard.  Not only do these liners provide pool owners with the high-end look commonly associated with custom concrete pools, the designs are so detailed that from a short distance you can’t tell the difference between real tile or GLI’s “Designer” liners. 

See our Destination, Signature and Signature Plus Liner line-up by CLICKING HERE or our Designer Series line-up by CLICKING HERE.

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