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Cover Doctors® Repair & Replacement Program

A GLI Cover Doctor is a specifically trained and tested pool professional that can help you in your Safety Cover repair or replacement needs. This professional will come out to your pool, package your cover and send it off to GLI Pool Products for a complete round of diagnostic tests, to determine if your current cover can be properly repaired to meet ATSM standards or if it will need to be replaced.  If a replacement cover is necessary, the Cover Doctor team at GLI along with your pool professional will work with your old cover to create a new cover that best matches the old covers specifications. 
 Key Features
Template for New Cover:
  • To ensure the most accurate fit, return original cover if available.  GLI will use the original cover to create the manufacturing specifications for the new cover:
Note:  Old covers can shrink or stretch over time.  GLI will take this into consideration when measuring your template to ensure the most accurate match, however, we cannot guarantee a 100% match on all straps.  You may have to drill several new anchor locations.
  • GLI will provide a quote for the new cover.
  • Once we receive a clean PO for the new cover, GLI will manufacture and ship the new cover within 72 hours.  Standard freight rates apply.
  • All template covers will be discarded at no charge once new cover is manufactured and shipped.  If you require original cover to be returned, please request cover to be returned on the “Safety Cover RA Form” or advise the Customer Service Representative when requesting your RA.  A $30.00 freight charge will be applied for returning old cover.
Repair Covers:
  • GLI will inspect cover and provide a quote for the repairs.  
  • Once a PO for repairs is received, GLI will perform the repairs and ship cover.  Standard freight rates apply.
  • If estimated repair time will be more than 3 hours, GLI will provide a quote for the repair and a quote for a new cover.
  • If new cover is ordered, GLI will manufacture and ship the new cover within 72 hours upon receipt of clean PO.  Standard freight rates apply.
Additional Information:
  • Any cover sent back that is not repaired or rebuilt will incur a $100.00 inspection fee.  
  • Any product shipped to GLI collect or without RA # will be refused and returned  to the shipper. 
Damaged Safety Cover
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