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Safety Cover Measuring Information
Safety Cover Measuring Instructions


Sketch the inside dimensions of the pool (see example) on the next page. Include all non-removable details within four (4) feet of the water line, i.e. coping (width), rocks, grab rails, waterfalls, spas, ladders, raised walls, uneven decks, planters, etc.


Using chalk, establish two points A and B (see example). The distance between them should be roughly 2/3 the length of the pool. (i.e. if the pool is 30 ft., make A-B line 20 ft. BE SURE TO INDICATE DISTANCE BETWEEN A & B AND SHOW LOCATION ON DRAWING. Make certain that the imaginary line between A and B and any extensions of it are at least three feet from the pools edge.


Make a chalk mark (number each mark) at roughly three (3) foot intervals around the entire pool. Be certain to number all corners, rail locations (front and back of rails), fill spouts, or other obstructions if they are not removable. Mark all points along spa side and pool side of diving wall. Mark areas at one (1) foot intervals when tight radius, rocks, raised walls, waterfalls, or similar obstructions are encountered. Diagrams with these types of obstructions should be accompanied by a photograph. Include width of spa wall or distance between spa and pool, if separate.


Attach a tape measure to point A. (Pull tape tightly on each measurement). Now measure distance from point A to point 1, then point A to point 2, and so on. List measurements in corresponding columns on the next page (see example). Move tape to point B, and measure in the same fashion; point B to point 1, and so on.


Pick two (2) numbered points representing the overall length of the pool at the water line (see example). List this measurement. Do the same for the overall width of the pool. These measurements are crucial as they act as check points to ensure all other measurements are correct.


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